Triajet offers you best the Cargo aircraft transportation and logistic services for all of your legal goods as well…

Air Cargo Charter helps you to transfer your cargo goods in a safe and quick way , Cargo aircrafts are consisted of many different types of aircrafts according to dimensions , type and specifications of your cargo items, These aircraft were designed to transfer cargo goods,

Air Cargo Charter aircrafts guarantees a safe and very quick transport and offers you the best options considering other vehicles, they are way different than passenger aircrafts ,it is required to analyse goods , their specifications and categories , dimensions and volumes . All cargo items should be loaded and delivered with a high care, cargo charter aircrafts are to accomplish this important mission.

Triajet is at your service to offer best cargo aircrafts based on your cargo goods and agreement with competitive price options.


    Cessna şirketinin orta boy özel jet kategorisindeki bu modeli, standart bir Mid Size jettir. Şaşırtıcı kabin genişli...