All you have to do for a VIP helicopter charter is to reach Triajet, it is important for us to know how many passengers there will be on board where will be the destination and duration of stay at the end according to these informations we will offer you the best helicopter charter options.

Helicopter charter especially nowadays in city traffic jam is a good options it helps you to be on right place on exact time, also another reason why helicopters are preferred helicopters are prestigious  and vip transportation , you can get your arrangements done easily , moreover you can live very special times with your beloved ones by watching spectacular view from sky , you can enjoy your moments during hours .

In latest decades with rising of helicopter amount in the market and enlargement of competitive race , interest on helicopters have increased ,not only for transportation but also for photgraphers and discovers it is very beneficial , If you would like to experience to see landscapes , seas and beautiful nature details , you can charter a helicopter,

Medical helicopter charters are critical for an urgent patient or transplantation transportation as well ,

Helicopter can be chartered for film shootings,  advertisement shootings or for an article about a city review, You can reach triajet for a helicopter rental.

  • Bell 206B III

    Şehiriçi transferler için çok uygun bir helikopterdir. 206 serisinin en sessiz, geniş ve rahat türüdür. Medya sağlık...