If number of passenger list is over than 20 passenger it is more advantageous to charter a passenger aircraft instead of a private jet charter , because of this reason , we as Triajet advise to charter Boeing , Airbus , Bombardier, Embraer , Antonov and ATR etc. type aircrafts to our customers.

Triajet organizes luxury and comfortable aircrafts for company organizations ,for all employees of companies , sport activities , for package holiday tours , royal members  , government and opening ceremonies or celebration parties.

Whereas private business jets’ passenger capacity is up to 16 seats only aircrafts such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier ve Embraer can carry up to 300 and more passengers at the same time , this case reduces costs minimum such as handling costs , catering and airport taxes.

For group charters early reservation has a big importance in order to organize all permissions and select the most appropriate aircraft and best eligible prices, Triajet is ready 24/7 to offer you the best options you can always reach us through and +90 541 236 96 32.

  • A320

    Airbus A320 Serisi kabul genişlikleri ve menzillerine göre farklı kategorilere ayrılmaktadırlar. Avrupa yapımı olan ...