Triajet is a private business jet rental company , with a 10,000 aircraft network all over the world , it targets to give fast charter offers for private jet rentals ,Passenger aircrafts, medical flights and as well as cargo charter operations , Triajet’s staff is capable to answer all your inquiries on time with a high experience and knowledge level.

Private business jets are consisted of aircrafts that can carry starting 3 passengers up to 16 passengers , its advantage is that there is no time and place restrictions , luxury and safe flight with a time save is always indispensable, either on vacations or on weekends or in the middle of the night your private jet aircraft can be ready to take off in a few hours to make you travel any destinations you want. it is quite enough to provide your flight details.

Safety ,hospitability and punctuality , flexibility on your flight revisions as time and destination , security and privacy are our most important duties and values against our passengers,

We would like to meet you face to face or via communication instruments for facillitating your works in aviation worlds ,sharing all advantages on our worldwide systems and being  your cost saving management  guide in aviation.

While private jet charter prices are calculated in many ways , there are some factors but briefly time elapsed to destination is base to calculate final charter price ,different size of jets/aircrafts are changing hourly between 1,000 Euro – 10,000 Euro . As Triajet we present you best jet aircraft offer with a transparent and honest quotation method , In case of flight confirmation we share all flight informations with you as a briefing page this includes aircrafts registrations, technical specifications, ground handler in all airports, crew contact numbers.

We approach all works following a fair win-win principle with a good will and ethic concept. Triajet always obey general laws. We respect all differences and we are open to all negotiations with a good relation.

Private jets give you the opportunity to create your private journey tour , it provides a chance to have best aircrafts without time and destination limits ,private business jet travels are almost forces the best luxury standarts , it is not only a unforgettable journey but also gives you to taste amazing catering options and experience the best services,

To sum up business jet chartering is a privilege.

Chartering a private jet saves your time ,

Private business jets are really prestigious ,

Private aircraft passengers are welcomed as VIP passenger at the special lounges and they do not have to face with difficulties on passport controls and baggage transfers,

Unlike scheduled flights in private jet rentals there is no time and airport restriction , if you wish you can revise or delay your take off time or you can shift your flight programme,

You can order the best catering options before each flight and taste the most luxury cuisines from different countries.

While deciding on your jet aircraft criterias are changing considering number of passengers and passengers expectations , you can always reach charter operator by call or leave a message so the right alternatives can be sent to your side quickly . All you have to do is to enjoy your flight.


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